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Time and attendance KIT TA-RC

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Time and attendance kits are designed for smaller companies that want to set up effective time and attendance registration at the lowest cost.

Kit TA-RC is the least expensive kit for time and attendance in our production program and is intended for use in more demanding environments (dust, humidity). It consists of Regis R-1-Kit time and attendance controller with OLED screen and keys, power supply with build-in communication converter Spider W5-B, contactless cards Card C-1 and time and attendance software Codeks TA Kit.

The Codeks TA Kit application is extremely easy and friendly to use. Users access the Codeks TA-Kit application through the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Basic timetables are already entered in the system, so after the installation the new user can only enter the names of employees and their cards and start to use time and attendance.

The application enables you to create both fixed and flexible timetables and records time and attendance in different locations and employee transition between locations. Employees can review their time and attendance records on their computer through their browser (if their administrator gives them permission).

If functionality offered by the Codeks TA Kit application is not sufficient for the customer or they would like to upgrade the system to access control, Codeks TA Kit provides an easy transition to the program Codeks TA, which enables advanced time and attendance and access control. For more information about advanced advanced time and attendance and access control systems you can visit our website

Code Product
KIT TA-RC-B T&A kit with Regis R, for up to 40 employees
KIT TA-RC-B-EXP Expanded T&A kit with Regis R, for up to 100 employees
KIT TA-R3-B T&A expansion kit hardware (Regis R-1-Kit + Spider W5-B)

What does the Kit contain?

Time and attendance Kit TA-RC is composed of hardware, software and contains everything necessary to effectively establish a record of working time in your company.

The most important part of the hardware is time and attendance controller Regis R-1-Kit, on which employees can register upon arrival and departure from work. Kit already contains 10 contactless cards, but you can also decide to purchase special contactless tags, which users can hang on their keys and thus avoid the eternal search for cards in pockets and purses. Spider W5-B is intended to power supply the controller and for transferring data from the controller to the computer. On the server or constantly activated computer there is installed time and attendance application Codeks TA Kit with which administrator can edit all time attendance data of the employees.

Time and attendance registration is performed when employees, upon arrival or departure from work, approach the contactless card to the controller. In the event of recording of specific events (e.g. business or private exit), they must press the appropriate function key on the controller (e.g. key 1 for business exit). The text on the display of the controller allows employees to immediately verify whether the event was registered correctly. The program will automatically identify the end of a specific event (e.g. return from the business exit).

Data is transmitted to the computer whenever a connection between the computer and the controller is established – it may be permanent or just occasional. When the connection is not established, the recorded data is stored in the internal memory of the controller. The Codeks TA Kit software allows the following: the entry of employees, creation of timetables, reviewing of the recorded data, correction of records, preparation of the reports and extracts by various criteria, entry and changing of time intervals, etc.

Time attendance controller Regis R-1-Kit


Controller Regis R-1-Kit is due to its robust housing and smaller dimensions designed for use in demanding environments. When employees register, they can immediately check the accuracy of the recorded data on the OLED display of the controller. Keypad 4x4 with illuminated keys allows employees to record special events (e.g. business or private exit). Completion of the special events the application recognizes automatically. Controller Regis R-1-Kit needs power supply from the communication converter Spider W5-B to operate normally.


Technical data:

  • backlit OLED display
  • Keyboard with illuminated keys
  • RS-485 communication
  • internal memory for up to 30.000 users and 100.000 events
  • clock and memory are supported by a capacitor battery, which is sufficient for storing data up to 10 hours
  • suitable for outdoor installation
  • contains an anti-tamper alarm

Power supply with communication converter Spider W5-B


Spider W5-B provides power supply for time and attendance controller and at the same time built-in communication converter ensures that the recorded data from the controller is transmitted to a server or a computer where the time and attendance application software is running.

The type of communication with the server (or computer) affects the wiring configuration:

  • If the Spider W5-B converter is connected to the computer with a standard USB cable, it is necessary to do the cable installation (UTP cable) from the place where the controller is mounted to the Spider W5-B. The Spider is connected to the computer with the supplied USB cable (1.8 m) and can be distanced up to 5 m.

  • If the Spider W5-B converter is connected to the computer throught the local area network (LAN) it is necessary to connect the controller to the Spider W5-B and make cable installation only to the first network socket, where Spider W5-B is connected to a local area network (LAN). The advantage of NET connection is also the fact that the time and attendance application can be installed to a server or any computer connected to the network, while in case of use the USB conection it is necessary to install the application on the exact server or computer to which Spider W5-B is connected.


Contactless cards


Kit already contains 10 contactless cards. Additional cards can be purchased depending on the needs of the company.


Codeks TA Kit application

Urejevalnik urnikov

The Codeks TA Kit application allows administrators to enroll user cards, entry of employees' data, creating and repairing timetables, reviewing of the recorded data, manual entry of events or correction of records, preparation of prints by various criteria, enter and change time phrases, etc. The software records the times of arrival at work, the duration and number of lunches/snacks, the times of departures from work, the time and duration of specific exits (official, private, emergency), the number of commutes belonging to the employees, leave for the past and current year, sick leave, overtime, transfer of hours, etc.

Codeks TA Kit application consist of Jantar Windows service which runs in the background and usually starts at system startup, and Windows application Codeks Service Manager, through which we manage with the Jantar service. Jantar service is connected to hardware through communication converter (Spider W5-B). The user events are transmitted from hardware to computer through Spider. Received events are processed and stored in the user database, users (administrators and employees) can access the data through a web browser.

Technical data

Regis R-1-Kit

  • Dimensions: 90 x 133 x 19 mm
  • Reading frequency: 125 kHz
  • Reading distance: up to 10 cm
  • Backlit OLED screen
  • Illuminated keypad 4 x 4 with keys
  • Built-in clock (Real Time Clock) with battery back-up (up to 10 hours)
  • Internal memory for up to 30,000 users and 100,000 events
  • IP 54 protection - suitable for outdoor installation
  • Power supply: 9 to 14V DC (all power supply products from the Spider family)
  • Operating temperature range: from -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Maximum current consumption: to 130 mA

A maximum distance of controller Regis R-1-Kit, which is powered by Spider W5-B, from the power supply is 50 cable meters! In the event that the length of the UTP cable exceeds 25 m, use either a cable of 0.5 mm2 diameter or one twisted pair of UTP cable for each pole (+ and -), to ensure a stable power supply.

Spider W5-B

  • Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 33 mm
  • Power supply: 110-230V AC
  • Output voltage: 12V DC, 0.8A
  • Primary fuse: F100, 250V 0.75A
  • Secondary fuse: F101, 16V 1.1A, resettable
  • IP21 protection - suitable for indoor installation
  • Plug-in terminals for connection to the controller, keys to unlock the door, switches for the signaling state of open door and communication (RS-485)
  • Operating temperature range: +5 to +40°C
  • Consumption: less than 1W + load
  • Signaling the state with LED

Power supply Spider W5-B can be connected to the computer with the supplied USB cable or through the local computer network (LAN) and to time and attendance controller with UTP cable (cable length should not exceed 90m). The Spider W5-B is connected to time and attendance controller with UTP cable (the maximum length of UTP cable is 50m).

Contactless cards

Kit already contains 10 contactless cards. Additional 30 or 90 cards can be purchased (depending on the version of the Kit).

Wiring diagrams


All wiring diagrams and documentation for old and new hardware and software can be found on Jantar FORUM.